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WAF-1050B Weighing Type Big Bag Packer

Open Mouth Bagger

1. The design of the machine is small and it takes up a small space;
2. PLC control,top brand electrical components and weighing sensors ensure the stable and continuous operation of the machine;
3. Frequency conversion control twin screw filling, fast speed and high precision;
4. The waterproof level can reach IP55, which can meet the requirements of water washing in food workshops;
5. Easy to disassemble and humanized design, which can quickly disassemble the contact parts of the material for cleaning, no sanitary corners, safe and efficient, and meets high sanitary standards in the industry.
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Semi-automatic Big Bag Packer
Dosing Range: 10-50kg
Packing Speed: 2-4bags/min
Metering Accuracy: ±10-30g
(Varies according to the features of products and packing speed)

WAF-1050B is suitable for powder products filling and packing,whole machine comply with CE standards, fast filling speed, high accuracy, humanization design, easy clean. It's suitable for powders and fine granular products dispensing. Such as milk powder, flavors and fragrances,additives,feed additives and chemical raw materials etc. Suit for any kraft bag,PE bag,weave bag.