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SAF-550W2 Bottom-Up Big Bag Packer

Open Mouth Bagger

Our semi-automatic bagger is suitable used for filling superfine powders with light specific density and easy dusting and materials. It meets CE standards, with high filling speed and accuracy. The characteristic of humanization design makes it widely popular in food, medicine, animal feed, and chemical industries, such as used for filling milk powder, spices, food additives, feeds, raw materials.
Suitable containers: Kraft paper bags, PE bags, Carton box, bucket, etc.
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SAF-550W2 Bottom-Up Big Bag Packer
Dosing Range: 10-25kg
Packing Speed: 2-4bags/min
Metering Accuracy: ±10-30g
(Varies according to the features of products and packing speed)


Design principles: safe, hygienic, simple, durable and beautiful.
Hopper: The distinctive hopper design is one of our scientific and technological achievements in powder packaging research for many years, and has obtained national utility model patents, which meets GMP certification requirements. The design of hopper can be opened horizontally, which is as convenient as opening doors and windows, making cleaning easier and faster.
Vertical metering screw: The screw is driven by a servo motor, which is especially suitable for occasions that require high metering accuracy, speed and stability.
Frequency conversion speed agitator: Adjustable speed agitator can better adapt to different types of packaging materials to achieve the best measurement effect
Bag clamp: modular design, there are large, medium and small bag clamps to choose from. The unique bag clamp structure prevents dust from spilling.
Weighing unit: simple and compact structure, high dust and waterproof. The outer surface is smooth and flat for easy cleaning. Adopt international brand high-end weighing system to ensure stable and reliable weighing accuracy.
Bottom filling mode: the material starts to be filled from the bottom of the bag, while filling, the bag descends, reducing the dust caused by dust;
Material: The whole machine is 304 stainless steel, 316L material can be customized for material contact parts.