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SAF-450W Semi-Automatic Big Bag Packer

Open Mouth Bagger

The SAF-450W bag packing machine is designed for Max 10kg, with a wide range and high accuracy powder filling. The whole machine complies with CE standards, fast filling speed, and high precision results. The product contact part quickly disassembles for cleaning. It is suitable for powders and fine granular products dispensing. Such as milk powder, flavors and fragrances, additives, feed additives, and chemical raw materials, etc.
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  • Unique split hopper, easy for cleaning and parts replacement.
  • Reliable servo motor drive, fast speed and high precision.
  • Inverter speed changing stirring for different density of products.
  • Module design bag clamp suitable for different size of bags, totally sealed while dispensing prevent powder flying all over the place.
  • With two load cells make sure accurate result.
  • Full stainless steel 304 construction, stable and robust. Product contact part SUS316 is available.

◇Product Name: SAF-450W Semi-automatic bag packing machine
◇Dosing Way: Auger+Load Cell
◇Metering Range : 0.1-10kg
◇Bag Width:250-400mm
◇Accuracy:10-2000g :±0.3-1%(depend on product property and filling weight)
◇Speed:10-2000g 25-35bags/min(depends on worker handle speed)
◇Hopper: 50L
◇Voltage: Single-phase 220V 50Hz
◇Servo Motor:1500W
◇Machine Material: SUS304
◇Machine Size: 950L*1000W*2050Hmm
◇Machine Weight:220kg

Open Mouth Bagger
Model WAF-1050B  WAF-1050C WVF-1050 WAF-1050H SAF-450W SAF-550W SAF-550W2
Metering Way Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Auger Tooling & Weighing Load Cells Auger Tooling & Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells
Dosing Range 5-25kg 5-50kg 5-25kg 5-25kg 0.1-10Kg 0.1-25kg(Repalce Different Toolings) 10-25kg
Packing Speed 3-5bags/min. 3-5bags/min. 2-5bags/min. 5-7bags/min. 10-2000g  25-35bags/min;
≤10Kg 3-6bags/min
≤2kg  25-35bags/min;
≥2kg 3-8bags/min
Accuracy ±10-30g ±10-30g ±10-30g ±10-30g 10-2000g  ±0.3-1%;
≤10Kg ±2-10g
≤2kg  ±0.3-1%;
≥2kg ±2-30g