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SPF-100C Single-Hopper Powder(Granule) Filling Machine

Rigid Container Filler

Single head automatic auger and volumetric cup filler are complete, affordable solutions to your filling production line requirements. It’s built with a 25L split hopper servo motor-driven auger filling head and volumetric cup filler, an independently motorized chain conveyor mounted on a robust & stable SUS304 frame base with a product collection hopper. The container feeding screw reliably moves and position containers for filling, dispense the required target of product. And then quickly move the sealed containers away to other equipment in your line. Easy and friendly operation of the PLC control system provides varied selection and functions adjustment.
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SPF-100C Single-Hopper Powder(Granule) Filling Machine
Dosing Range: ≤500g
Packing Speed: 25-45cans/min
Container Size: Φ30mm-Φ1000mm
(Change Rigid container feeding screw)
Metering Accuracy: ±0.3-1%
(Depending on the product features)

One equipment for two forms of product, powder and granular.
Reliable servo motor driven auger filler for accurate dispensing powder.
Volumetric cup filler for dispensing granular form products.
Load cell built in, checking dispensing result.
Unqualified dispensing result reject function, checkweigher is saved.
Target exceeding automatic adjust back to set range.
Full stainless steel 304 construction, SUS316 product contact parts are also available.
Suitable for free flow, non-free flow products by changing proper tooling.
No container no fill to avoid product spillage and waste.
Automatic lift and vibration while dispensing product.
Automatic stop if downstream equipment jamming occurred.