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SAF-450 Semi-automatic Auger Filler

Semi-automatic Auger filling Machine

The semi-auto auger filler machine of elinpack with PLC + Touch screen control that mean it can work independently, and all of the hoppers of our auger filler were designed vertical/horizontal half-open type that can more easier to disassembly and installation it for cleaning.
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Semi-automatic Auger Filler
Main Parameters:
Hopper Volume: 50L
Total Power: 2.05KW
Dosing Range: ≤1500g
Packing Speed: 25-35bags/min
Metering Accuracy: ±0.3-1%
(Varies according to packing weight, speed and product features)

1.Servo motor to control auger
2.Full stainless steel 304 hopper
3.Vertical half-open hopper,easier disassembly for cleaning
4.Material contact part is polished skill
5.Quick-remove auger