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Rotary Sifter

Rotary Sifter

Our exclusive rotatry sifter design is totally enclosed and operates quietly and efficiently with no dust issues, motion or vibrations,offer more throughput capacity per screen area than any conventional screening and separation equipment. 
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◇Name: Rotary Sifter
◇Model No.:CS-200
◇Metering Screw Drive: 1.1KW
◇Rotor Drive: 1.5KW
◇Metering Screw Speed: 86rpm
◇Rotor Speed: 705rpm
◇Machine Weight: 220 Kg
◇Output Data
Mesh Size Screening
0.2mm = 0.8t/h
0.4mm = 2.2t/h
0.6mm = 4.0t/h
0.8mm = 5.5t/h
≥1.0mm = 6.0t/h
*The above output data are approximate values. Exact data maybe provided upon request or can be determined by our technology