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Mini Batching Ingredient Batching System

Mini Type Igredient Batching System

Mini Batching Ingredient Batching System
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*Using servo motor to drive the filling screw, different size of screw can be changed quickly.
*Storage hopper can be dismantled, and it can be custom-made.
*It will alarm automatically when machine is insufficient.
*The machine of batching system is powered by electric, no need compressed air
*The machine is comply with CE certificate.
*Product contact part is SUS304.

◇Hopper Volume:35L*6
◇Dosing Range: min. 5g- max.5Kg
◇Dosing Way: By screw(with closure)
◇Weighing Bucket Volume:30L
◇Batch Time: 2-5min./lot
◇Power Supply:1P 200-240V  50/60Hz,<1.5KW