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AF-350 Auger Filler

Auger Filler

The AF-350 auger filler is the basic product of elinpack. Each unit can be designed exactly to your requirements. Forming tube diameter, funnel length, and height will match your specific equipment. In addition, tooling and accessories are supplied to best suit your product, production rates, and accuracy levels, such as augers, collector funnels, cutoffs, etc. Let it match the VFFS bagging machine, doybag packer, and horizontal packer to form an automatic small bag packing line.
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Auger Filler
(should match with bagger)
Technical Parameters:
Hopper Volume: 25L
Total Powder: 1.75Kw
Dosing Range: ≤500g
Packing Speed: ≤60bags/min
Metering Accuracy: ±0.3-1%
(Varies according to packing weight, speed and product features)

1.Servo motor control auger,
2.Full stainless steel 304 hopper
3.Vertical half-open hopper,easier disassembly for cleaning
4.Material contact part is polished skill
5.Quick-remove auger