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Aseptic Filling in Food Packing


Aseptic Filling in Food Packing

Aug Fri,2021
Aseptic Filling in Food Packing

What is aseptic processing and filling

Aseptic processing is a processing technique in which commercial heat-sterilized liquid products (usually food or pharmaceuticals) are packaged in pre-sterilized containers under aseptic conditions to produce shelf-stable products that do not require refrigeration. Aseptic processing includes three main steps: heat sterilization of products, packaging materials, and aseptic storage in the packaging process. In addition, the processing and filling system must be cleaned and re-sterilized before processing and packaging operations can be resumed. Packaging equipment and packaging materials are sterilized by various media or combinations (i.e., saturated steam, superheated steam, hydrogen peroxide, heating, etc.).

How to make an aseptic filling workshop

In the food filling workshop, the operator seals the sterilized semi-finished fluid in a sterilized container and fills it in an aseptic environment. After filling, the container is always kept sealed to prevent re-infection.
Aseptic filling includes the following aspects:
1. Material. Aseptic filling materials generally include glass bottles, composite tanks, paper-based composite materials, and multi-layer composite soft filling.
2. Products. The sterilization of food materials is divided into heat sterilization and cold sterilization. In the current stage of food processing, heat sterilization is mainly used, divided into ultra-high temperature sterilization and high-temperature short-term sterilization. The cold sterilization method mainly refers to ultraviolet and microwave sterilization.
3. Environment. The aseptic filling environment must first ensure that the equipment is sterile. The main sterilization methods are heating and chemical methods.
4. Sealing. Filling and sealing are the last and key link of aseptic filling, directly affecting the product's filling quality and storage period.


Application of aseptic filling

The sterilization time of aseptic filling is short, so it has less damage to the nutritional components of food and retains the original color and taste of the food. In recent years, it has been widely used in the food processing industry.
The food filling workshop can be applied to powder, dairy products, wine, condiments, etc., and has the characteristics of aseptic and cleanliness.

Best WAF machine manufacturer

elinpack is a packaging machinery company founded in China. The factory operates in an area of 8000 square meters and 80 employees. It specializes in manufacturing, conveying, storing, packing, palletizing, particle mixing, sales, and after-service. You can get the best filling machines in different designs to meet your needs.

Elinpack's  WAF-1050B

WAF-1050B weighing type food powder packaging machine is suitable for powder products filling and packing, whole equipment comply with CE standard,fast filling speed,high accuracy,humanization design,easy clean;suitable for powders and fine granular products dispensing. 


◇ Metering Model: by weighing(Load Cell)
◇ Dosing Model: Dual-auger
◇ Packing Weight:10-50kg
◇ Accuracy:±10-30g(depend on the product’s property and filling speed)
◇ Packing Speed: 3-5 bags/min (for all packing weight)
◇ Voltage: single-phase 220V 50Hz 2.2KW
◇ Compress Air:4-6Kg/cm²
◇ Material : stainless steel 304
◇ Machine Weight:320Kg
◇ Machine Size: 1470L*980W*2500Hmm
◇ Water Proof: IP65
◇ Belt height can be adjustable