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Application of Automatic Filling Machine in Food


Application of Automatic Filling Machine in Food

Sep Tue,2020
Application of Automatic Filling Machine in Food
The development of society is inseparable from the progress of all walks of life, and it also brings a lot of convenience to our lives. Especially the work of workers has become much simpler. Many companies have found their own production advantages, just like The current packaging machine not only allows the product to be properly packaged, but also guarantees safety and hygiene.
automatic filling machine
Automatic filling machine has different models in different fields and have different functions. Functionally divided into plastic packaging, metal packaging, and also used in medicine and food. Below we will introduce a machine for filling food particles. The name of this machine is ABP-550D for filling granules.

The advantage of this machine is that it uses a computer to operate, it can accurately control the weight of the food that is filled in, and can ensure that the weight of each packet of the same food is the same, followed by the fast filling speed of the equipment, reaching 35 per minute Packing to 60 packs, which greatly exceeds the manual speed, greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, this machine can complete vacuum packaging, which can ensure cleanliness and hygiene during food processing.

The use of automatic filling machines has undoubtedly improved the efficiency of related companies, increased the company's profits, saved labor costs, and saved a lot of funds for companies to develop other businesses.