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WAF-1050H High Speed Big Bag Filling Machine

Open Mouth Bagger

This machines is suitable used for filling powder and fine granules and  meet CE standard,High filing speed,high filling accuracy,humanization design,easy disassembly and installation for cleaning and others characteristics make it widely popular in food,medicine,animal feed and chemical industries, such as used for filling milk powder,spices,food additive,feeds,nuts,grains,metal powder,plastic granules etc raw material.

Suitable containers:Kraft paper bags,PE bags,Carton box,bucket,etc
Optional supporting equipment:
Sewing machine,film sealing machine,metal detector,bag pusher,flattener,palletizer,automatic sewing sealing machine,etc
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1.Pre-metering design can achieve faster packaging
2.PLC control,International famous brands of electrical components and load cells to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the machine;
3.Frequency conversion control two screws or vibrating feeder for filling, fast speed and high precision
4.IP65 water proof,can clean by water directly
5.Humanization design,can quickly disassemble the material contact parts of machine for cleaning, no sanitary corners, safe and efficient, in line with high sanitary standards

◇Metering Model: by weighing
◇Dosing Model: dual-auger
◇Packing Weight:5-25kg(Metering hopper volume is 55L)
◇Accuracy:5KG: ±15g; 10Kg±30g;20KG±40g(depend on the product’s property and filling speed)
◇Packing Speed: 5-7 bags/min
◇Voltage: 3 phase 380V 50Hz 1.5KW
◇Compress Air:4-6Kg/cm²,0.6MPa
◇Material : stainless steel 304
◇Hopper Volume: 120L
◇Machine Weight:1000Kg
◇Ingress Protection:IP55

can filling machine
Open Mouth Bagger
Model WAF-1050B  WAF-1050C WVF-1050 WAF-1050H SAF-450W SAF-550W SAF-550W2
Metering Way Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Auger Tooling & Weighing Load Cells Auger Tooling & Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells
Dosing Range 10-50kg 10-50kg 5-25kg 5-25kg 0.1-10Kg 0.1-25kg(Repalce Different Toolings) 10-25kg
Packing Speed 3-5bags/min. 3-5bags/min. 2-5bags/min. 5-7bags/min. 10-2000g  25-35bags/min;
≤10Kg 3-6bags/min
≤2kg  25-35bags/min;
≥2kg 3-8bags/min
Accuracy ±10-30g ±10-30g ±10-30g ±10-30g 10-2000g  ±0.3-1%;
≤10Kg ±2-10g
≤2kg  ±0.3-1%;
≥2kg ±2-30g