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WVF-1050 Semi-automatic Big Bag Packer

Open Mouth Bagger

The design of the machine is small and it takes up a small space;
PLC control, international brand electrical components and weighing sensors to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the machine;
Frequency conversion controls the filling of the vibrating feeder to ensure the integrity of the material, with fast speed and high precision;
The waterproof grade can reach IP55, which can meet the requirements of water washing in food workshops.
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Semi-automatic Big Bag Packer
Technical Parameters:
Dosing Range: 10-50Kg (suitable for pellet, granule, piece, flake product)
Packing Speed: 2-4bags/min
Metering Accuracy: ±10-30g
(Varies according to the features of products and packing speed)

The whole machine complies with EU standards. It has fast filling speed, high precision, user-friendly design, easy to clean, suitable for food, medicine, feed, chemical and other fields.
It can be used for quantification of lump or granular materials packaging.
Applicable containers: kraft bags, plastic bags, cartons, etc.