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WVF-1050 Big Bag Granule Packer

Open Mouth Bagger

The automatic bagging machine can be applied for small particle(granule) materials. The whole machine complies with EU standards. It has fast filling speed, high precision, user-friendly design, easy to clean, suitable for food, medicine, feed, chemical and other fields. It also can be used for quantification of lump or granular materials packaging.
Applicable containers: kraft bags, plastic bags, cartons, etc.
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  • The design of the machine is small and it takes up a small space;
  • PLC control, international brand electrical components and weighing sensors to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the machine;
  • Frequency conversion controls the filling of the vibrating feeder to ensure the integrity of the material, with fast speed and high precision;
  • The waterproof grade can reach IP55, which can meet the requirements of water washing in food workshops.

◇Dosing Technique: Weighing
◇Feeding Technique: Vibration
◇Dosing Range: 5-25Kg
◇Dosing Accuracy: ±10-30g(depend on the product’s property and filling speed)
◇Dosing Speed: 3-5bag/min
◇Power supply: 1-phase 220V 50Hz 2.2KW
◇Compressed Air: 4-6Kg/cm²
◇Material: SUS304
◇Hopper Volume: 50L
◇Machine Weight: 350Kg
◇Machine Dimension: 1470L*980W*2300Hmm

Open Mouth Automatic Bagging Machine
Model WAF-1050B  WAF-1050C WVF-1050 WAF-1050H SAF-450W SAF-550W SAF-550W2
Metering Way Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells Auger Tooling & Weighing Load Cells Auger Tooling & Weighing Load Cells Weighing Load Cells
Dosing Range 5-25kg 5-50kg 5-25kg 5-25kg 0.1-10Kg 0.1-25kg(Repalce Different Toolings) 10-30kg
Packing Speed 3-5bags/min. 3-5bags/min. 3-5bags/min. 5-7bags/min. 10-2000g  25-35bags/min;
≤10Kg 3-6bags/min
≤2kg  25-35bags/min;
≥2kg 3-8bags/min
Accuracy ±10-30g ±10-30g ±10-30g ±10-30g 10-2000g  ±0.3-1%;
≤10Kg ±2-10g
≤2kg  ±0.3-1%;
≥2kg ±2-30g