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Vertical Mixer


The equipment adopts the German manufacturing process, we are committed to the improvement of the mixing machine equipment process to improve the mixing process to ensure that the raw materials are not destroyed during mixing. At the same time, it can also ensure that some trace elements, small raw materials can also be mixed evenly.
 The vertical high-efficiency mixer is mainly used in the process of mixing powder and powder, granules and granules, powder and granules, powder and small amount of liquid, particles and mixing with a small amount of liquid.
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Vertical Mixer
Model Volume
Rotating speed
Loading factor Dimension(L×W×H mm) Power supply(V/Hz)
CM-180 0.18 3 20-100 0.4-0.8 1450×650×130 Single phase/380V/50HZ
CM-350 0.35 7.5 18-70 0.4-0.8 1690×770×150
CM-700 0.7 11 15-55 0.4-0.8 1890×1020×200
CM-1400 1.4 18.5 12-44 0.4-0.8 2400×1270×270 3 phase/ 380V/50HZ
CM-2800 2.8 22 10-34 0.4-0.8 3000×1600×400