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Working principle of food powder packaging machine


Working principle of food powder packaging machine

Sep Fri,2021
Working principle of food powder packaging machine
working principle:
The weighing machine adopts a single vertical screw feed, which is composed of a single screw. The screw is directly driven by a servo motor to ensure the speed and accuracy of measurement. When working, the screw rotates and feeds according to the control signal; the weighing sensor and the weighing controller process the weighing signal, and output the weight data display and control signal.
Main features:
Automatic weighing, automatic bag loading, automatic bag sewing, no manual operation is required; touch screen interface, simple and intuitive operation;
This unit is composed of bag storage, bag taking and bag sorting device, bag loading manipulator, bag clamping and unloading device, bag holding device, bag opening guide device, vacuum system and control system, etc.;
Pneumatic components such as solenoid valves are all sealed, not exposed to install, and can be used in dusty environments, which can ensure a long life of the equipment.
food powder packaging machine