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Working principle of bulk bag filling machine


Working principle of bulk bag filling machine

Oct Sat,2021
Working principle of bulk bag filling machine
The filling machine is a semi-automatic piston filling machine. A piston is driven by the cylinder to extract and eject the material, the one-way valve is used to control the flow of the material, and the reed switch is used to control the stroke of the cylinder to adjust the filling volume.
Xiamen Crete Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to laboratory equipment, product coverage, laboratory general equipment, life sciences, chemical analysis, physical testing, laboratory decoration design engineering, industrial machinery and equipment (photoelectric industry, lithium battery, photovoltaic industry, FPD industry and other special equipment), involving petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food, coatings, building materials, electronics, automobiles, agriculture and many other production industries, as well as the laboratories of universities, research institutes and other scientific research institutions. The company’s filling machine adopts intelligent flow-type industrial peristaltic pump, ABS engineering plastic shell, streamlined body design, industrial-grade 4.3-inch true color LCD screen display, touch screen control, speed range: 0.1-350 rpm, flow range 0.000067-1330ml/min; animation display transmission status, flow data, setting parameters, system configuration are displayed on the same screen; with intelligent calibration and online fine-tuning functions, three measurement modes: quantitative measurement, timing quantitative, timing start and stop to meet various requirements Complex transmission and distribution requirements. The unique output signal of the motor running status can be used for other equipment to monitor the current running status of the peristaltic pump in real time. Abundant external control modes are arbitrarily selected, and both have a unique programmable external control mode; support RS232 and RS485 two communication interfaces at the same time, standard MODBUS communication protocol, can realize remote control under various industrial conditions, is a laboratory application, Ideal choice for instrument matching and industrial production.
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