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Which auto filling machine is best for powder products?


Which auto filling machine is best for powder products?

Sep Tue,2020
Which auto filling machine is best for powder products?
Filling solutions must meet accuracy, efficiency and maintenance goals to achieve a return on investment. Any company looking for high-quality auto filling machine needs the correct filling type and machine design to meet customer expectations and financial goals.

Types of powder-friendly filling equipment
Some of the most common types of filling equipment used in powder product packaging include:
Semi-automatic spiral filling machine. The auger is one of the most widely used filling machines. It is characterized by the vertical rotary auger continuously moving to release the right amount of powder into the packaging. In each package, the powder filling remains consistent because the auger rotates at a consistent speed.

The auger is a versatile filling machine, and many manufacturers use them for fine powder and granular filling needs. Semi-automatic machines allow operators to better control each filling cycle and use filling limits based on volume or weight. On the other hand, automatic augers can work independently and follow the compression and vibration filling limits.

Automatic vertical bag making and packaging machine. These popular machines combine three packaging steps. Automatic vertical bag-making packaging machines can reduce steps, but the company must choose them based on the number of powder products that need to be filled. The bigger the packaging, the bigger the machine.

Volume filler. The cup-shaped filling releases the product in uniform increments from the bottom of the cup-shaped funnel. They are fast, accurate and relatively inexpensive to operate. Cup fillers are not suitable for non-free flowing powders.

Each of the listed powder-directed filling machines can accommodate powders and granules with different characteristics. Semi-automatic and automatic auger filling machines are some of the most widely used filling machines. They can meet a variety of powder filling needs, including fine powder and larger particles. The setting of the spiral filling machine can capture the fine particles in the air quality, and uses two different measurement methods to provide the company with accurate filling measures.

For others, the net weight filler may provide the best results. In each case, you should discuss your needs with the equipment manufacturer and consider working with a custom metal manufacturing company to modify or manufacture a powder filling machine designed to meet the unique needs of your business.