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What is auger screw conveyor


What is auger screw conveyor

Aug Wed,2021
What is auger screw conveyor
The unique conveying system helps food packaging factories to keep the products in order and flow. The material handling equipment allows easy, fast, and controlled transfer of materials through the production line. Among them, the most popular kit is the screw conveyor system. Do you know about screw conveyors? Do you want to have a screw conveyor to increase your income? Then you have come to the right place. Through this article, you will have a detailed understanding and better positioning of this conveyor type, its design changes, and its use.

What is auger screw conveyor?

The auger conveyor conveyor is a kind of mechanical equipment or component that can transport materials with minimal effort. Although there are many conveyor systems, they usually consist of a frame supporting rollers, wheels, or belts on which materials move from one place to another. You can select different material handling systems according to the products or materials that need to be transported.

Type of auger screw conveyors

Auger screw conveyors are one of the most popular choices in food processing, manufacturing and packaging. The reason is that it can be designed into different styles according to different transportation needs. This section will introduce the classification of screw conveyors and the differences between different designs.

Horizontal Auger Screw Conveyor

Horizontal screw conveyors are the most widely distributed type of screw conveyors. They can transport materials at 15-45% of the trough load, defined as the maximum trough capacity divided by the specified trough load for a given material. A lower hopper load is required for more viscous, slower materials, while lighter free-flowing bulk materials can be fed under higher loads.
They are very suitable for free-flowing and non-flowing media and are cost-effective compared to traditional belt conveyors. Depending on the environment, they are also very suitable for homogeneous mixtures and can be opened for inspection or completely enclosed. Suppose you want to link to more knowledge about the parameters of the horizontal screw conveyor. In that case, it is recommended to read our introduction to the horizontal screw conveyor, which shows the various parameters well.
Horizontal Auger Screw Conveyor

Inclined Auger Screw Conveyor

Inclined screw conveyors are functionally the same as most screw conveyors but are used at an inclination of 0-45 degrees from the horizontal. The degree of inclination is different. The efficiency of the conveyor and the amount of material flowing through the conveyor will also be different. The greater the inclination angle, the greater the torque required to pull the material through the conveyor, so a tighter design must be made for the conveyed product. Generally speaking, the tilt angle should be as small as possible to maximize efficiency and reduce the need for additional power.
Inclination less than 10 degrees has little effect on efficiency and can be compensated by increasing the auger speed. The inclination angle between 10 and 20 degrees will reduce the efficiency of the auger by 10-40%. It is necessary to significantly increase the horsepower to compensate, thereby reducing the efficiency. Angles exceeding 20 degrees reduce efficiency by 30-90%, depending on the angle, where the pitching efficiency is further reduced, and the horsepower requirements are significantly increased. Common applications for inclined screw conveyors are feedlot dispensers and sugar and meat applications. If you want to know more about the inclined screw conveyor, please click to enter our inclined screw conveyor product introduction page.
Inclined Screw Conveyor | Elinpack

Please note that because of the different materials and usage scenarios, the auger screw conveyor can be customized according to your own needs. You can contact Elinpack for details of different models.

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Where can I find the best screw conveyor manufacturers?

elinpack is a packaging machinery company founded in China. The factory operates in an area of 8000 square meters and 80 employees. It specializes in manufacturing, conveying, storing, packing, palletizing, particle mixing, sales, and after-service. You can get the best filling machines in different designs to meet your needs.
Finally, you should also consider the external factors that affect the operation of the screw conveyor in your application. For example, how much distance must be covered? Does the material need to be separated from the operator/atmosphere? Also, will the conveyor run at a set speed, or will it use a variable speed drive to change the speed? Only by completely excluding and confirming the factors that may affect, can you narrow the search scope and find the screw conveyor that is most suitable for your application.