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Top auger conveyor systems Chinese manufacturers famous in USA & Europe


Top auger conveyor systems Chinese manufacturers famous in USA & Europe

Sep Tue,2021
Top auger conveyor systems Chinese manufacturers famous in USA & Europe


What is an auger conveyor?

An Auger conveyor is also referred to as a screw conveyor. It conveys heavy material in all positions, for example, horizontal, vertical, or incline.  Auger conveyors are one of the most effective and widely used conveyance methods. It’s made up of a pipe fitted with a continuous helix-shaped steel strip. This helix is also known as “flighting.”
An auger conveyor is widely used in modern industries to convey granular, semi-solid, and powder-like materials. Examples of popular products conveyed include boiler ash, cereal grains, wood chips, food waste, municipal solid waste, aggregates, wood chips, meat, and bone meal, and many others.
Another alternative option is called “shaftless auger convey” made using a free blade at both ends. It is usually constructed using a tube and a spiral blade held at the end by a shaft. The rotation power determines the rate of the volume transfer.

Powder filling with an auger conveyor

Auger conveyors are very efficient when it comes to conveying powder materials. You can use it to control products such as wheat flour, solid drink, coffee powder, dextrose, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticides, veterinary drugs, condiments, powder additives, dyestuff, and many more. 
A powder filling machine known as an Auger filler can be attached at the end of the conveyor. This machine can pack powder-like products in bags of different sizes. Screw conveyors are usually fitted with vibrators to ensure that now powder goes to waste. Besides, they are also designed to auto clean as the helix runs in an anticlockwise direction. Auger fillers come in different sizes and operating power to suit your packaging needs.

What are auger conveyor manufacturers?

Auger conveyor systems manufacturers are the companies that create these machines. There are many companies spread across the world. Their main job is to design, manufacture and offer after-sales service to their clients. Different screw conveyor manufacturers create systems of different quality. It’s always advisable to go for experienced auger conveyor manufacturers to get quality systems.


Top auger conveyor manufacturers in the USA

Elin Packaging Machinery- This facility is located in Zhongshan, China with 8000sq.ft facility for manufacturing food packaging equipment. The products Elin Packaging Machinery supplies include auger filling machine, auger conveyor, bagging machine, container filler, and many more.
Industrial screw Conveyors- This facility is based in Texas with a 200,000 sq.ft facility for creating custom Auger systems. Some of the products ISC produces include belt conveyors, heat transfer processors, bucket elevators, slide gates, and many more. 
G&H Distributing- G&H is one of the biggest conveyor systems distributors based in South Dakota. They distribute a handful of quality equipment such as hydraulic hoses, material handling tools, packaging materials, storage equipment, and many more. 
Flite Technology- This is a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems in Cocoa, Florida. They currently have 11 plants spread all over the United States. They supply static mixers, feed screws, and barrels, screw tips for rubber, food, and plastic processing industries. 
Augers Unlimited- This is another quality Auger conveyor manufacturer based in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. They manufacture custom Augers for industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and many more processing industries.

What types of machines does elinpack provide?

elinpack is one of the leading Auger conveyor manufacturers in the world based in China. It has 11 years of experience an in providing quality batching, conveyor, and packaging systems. We are specialized in intelligent manufacturing system with design, manufacture, sales and after-service, ranged in powder and small particle’s mixing, conveying and storing, quality control, packing and palletizing. Let’s look at the types of machines elinpack provides. 
● Auger Fillers
● Auger conveyors
● Ingredient batching systems
● Open Mouth Bagger
● Rigid Container filler
● Small bag packer
● Custom machines
Have a project in mind and don’t know where to start. You can contact elinpack for consultation services, design, manufacturing, and after-sales service.