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The use of food sachet packaging machine you don't know


The use of food sachet packaging machine you don't know

Dec Fri,2021
The use of food sachet packaging machine you don't know

What is Sachet Packaging

Sacket packaging refers to packing products inside sachets. Sachets are usually sealed on both sides. On the other hand, the sachets refer to small flexible and filled bags with three layers. They are made using paper, aluminum, cloth, cellulosic or plastic. They can be used to package products such as powder, coffee, tea, mouth fresheners, lubricant, sugar, oil, cream, ketchup, spices, and sauces. It is the most widely used packaging style in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and cosmetics. The surge in demand for packaged and ready-to-eat foods boosts the sachet packaging industry.

Type of sachet packaging machine

There are two types of sachet packaging machines for food packaging. Both are designed to handle various kinds of food:

Sauce sachet packaging machine

A sauce packaging machine is used for packaging solution-based products. It can package sauce in various types of sachets. If you plan to create a sauce product, you need a sauce sachet packaging machine. You can package creams, oil, and ketchup using this machine.

Doybag Packing Machine

Powder sachet packaging machine

The powder sachet packaging machine is very popular. It packages powder substances such as coffee, tea, spices, etc. This type of machine can package products in various kinds of sachets.


elinpack: First-class food sachet packaging machine manufacturer

elinpack is one of the best food sachet packaging machine manufacturing. It was launched back in 2010. Since then, it has served thousands of clients across the world. elinpack factory sits on 8,000 sq. meters and has over 80 full-time employees. We use intelligent technology to design and manufacture cutting-edge packaging solutions. You can count on elinpack to design and manufacture quality powder sachet packaging machines. Contact us using the following form to order a sachet packaging machine.

Application of sachet packaging machine you don't know

A sachet packaging machine can be used to pack several types of products. They can also be integrated with several filling options, such as piston feeders, vibratory feeders, and volumetric cup fillers. These packaging machines play a huge role when it comes to food production. They are also widely used in medicine, chemical, pharmaceutical, and animal feeds industries. The following features make sachet packaging to be one of the most sought machines.

A. Fault indication
An intelligent packaging machine show all the diagnosis information on the touch screen.
B. Integrates with various fillers
Sachet packaging machines can integrate with various fillers such as liquid doser, volumetric doser, weighing machine, and paste dose.  
C. Integrates with peripheral equipment
You can connect various peripherals to this machine to help increase productivity or monitor packaging.



Food sachet packaging machine demand has increased. Most people are looking to buy ready-to-eat food, instant drinks, and pharmaceuticals. There is also an increase in demand for eco-friendly packaging products. The best thing about using sachets is that they are efficient and affordable. Besides, they are easy to brand and can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.