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Team co-creation | Sorting out company values


Team co-creation | Sorting out company values

Jan Fri,2024
Team co-creation | Sorting out company values
Based on the actual situation of our company, ten old employees (8-10 years) and ten new employees (0-5 months) were selected. Through the form of story sharing, the old employees shared their unforgettable experiences in the company with the new employees. After listening to the story, the new employees refined the key words that came to mind, and finally brainstormed with the company's middle-level leaders to create the company's core values. It took about five hours to reach a consensus and concluded that the company's core values are "unity, learning, integrity, innovation, service." The values are reflected and run through the words and deeds of our elinpack family, and are also the basic principles for behavior. As a share!

Annotation of values

Group refers to a team, two or more than two people have a common goal of the group, under the premise of division of labor and cooperation, constantly strive for the goal, do not abandon do not give up.
Knot means to be result-oriented and strive for common goals.

Learning is to take the excellent as an example, learning is mutual, learn from others, make up for your own shortcomings.
Habit means developing good habits and improving literacy.

Honesty means treating people sincerely and combining knowledge and action.
Trust means keeping promises and doing what you say.

Creation refers to creativity, with the craftsman spirit, create strength quality.
New means committed to exploring new markets and developing new products.

Service refers to product quality, service attitude is convincing.
Business is to tell the truth, do practical things, down-to-earth life.

Co-creation process

At the beginning of the activity, the old employees shared their most memorable things in the company, the most important things for the future development of the company, the most moved things in the company, suggestions for new employees and so on.
After listening to the story, everyone brainstormed and discussed the content of values in groups. Through a show of hands, we finally selected 5 words - unity, learning, integrity, innovation, service as our company's values.

As the participants of this team co-creation activity, everyone signed the paper full of company values to witness this important moment together!

We will actively practice the values ​​of “unity, learning, integrity, innovation, service” as the basic principles of words, deeds, and work, and jointly create a better future!