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Some advantages of open mouth bagger


Some advantages of open mouth bagger

Aug Wed,2021
Some advantages of open mouth bagger
The automatic bagging machine takes the bag out of the storage hopper, opens and clamps it, and sends it to the sealing station for sealing after the filling is completed. The whole process is completed by mechanical automatic operation without manual intervention.

Advantages: The bagging machine can assemble products whose bag length and width are within the allowable range of the equipment, while ensuring bagging efficiency and beautiful sealing.
1. Switch cams according to items of different sizes. The length is 0-200mm, the efficiency is 60-65 pieces/min, the 200-290mm efficiency is 43-48 pieces/min, and the 290-420mm efficiency is 30-35 pieces/min.
2. Support red envelopes, books, A4 paper, A3 paper, manuals and other types of bagging.
3. The bagging efficiency is high, the accuracy rate is high, the error probability and the cargo damage rate are extremely low.
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