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Six-hopper powder filling machine, greatly improve the filling speed


Six-hopper powder filling machine, greatly improve the filling speed

Dec Sat,2023
Six-hopper powder filling machine, greatly improve the filling speed
Our six-hopper powder filling machine SHPF-100H is suitable for food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. It can accurately fill powdered materials such as seasoning powder, medicinal powder, health care powder and complete automatic feeding of cans. It is an advanced filling equipment.

Six-hopper powder filling machine SHPF-100H can greatly help enterprises solve the problem of low production line efficiency. Compared with the single-hopper, double-hopper, triplex-hopper powder filling machine, six-hopper powder filling machine has a larger dosing range, faster packing speed and higher metering accuracy, which greatly improves the production efficiency and capacity!

The six-hopper powder filling machine can be combined with other equipment, such as empty cans depalletizer, bottle inner cleaning machine with UV sterilizer, capping machine, bottle turner, rotary collection table and cartonning machine, to form a linked canning production line to implement automatic production.

Play the role of packaging machine in production, can improve packaging speed and accuracy, improve packaging capacity and health and safety, and promote the sustainable development of various industries!

SHPF-100H Six-Hopper Powder Filling Machine
Technical Parameters:
Dosing Range: ≤2000g
Packing Speed: high speed mode 160-200cans/min
                           high accuracy mode 70-90cans/min
Container Size: D:Φ30mm-Φ127mm, H60-220mm
(Change Rigid container feeding screw)
Metering Accuracy: high speed mode ±0.3-1%
                                high accuracy mode ±1-3g
(Varies according to the product features and packing speed)

1. High quality sanitary design, easy to clean and maintain;
2. PLC+ touch screen control, easy to operate, reliable operation;
3. Digital weighing system, high-speed weighing, accurate weight;
4. Adopt security chain control to ensure safe operation;
5. Adopt open visual design to realize convenient maintenance;
6. Electrical equipment selection of international first-class brand, long service life;
7. Mechanical configuration selection of 304 stainless steel material, stable and durable performance;
8. Design and development comply with international GMP standards, through the EU CE certification.