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See packaging solutions through a picture


See packaging solutions through a picture

Aug Thu,2023
See packaging solutions through a picture
Automatic heavy bag packaging solution

The packaging of powder materials needs to consider functions such as solving pain points, stability and efficiency, safety and sanitation, flexibility, and low energy consumption. Elinpack has rich experience and performance in powder packaging. The classic automatic heavy bag bottom filling packaging machine developed and produced by Elinpack is ABP- 580, effectively helping food, pharmaceutical and chemical companies to solve the packaging pain points of complex powder materials and promote the healthy development of the industry.

Elinpack Automatic Heavy Bag Bottom Filling Packaging Machine ABP-580
Technical Parameters:
1. Dosing Range: 10-25Kg
2. Packaging Accuracy: ±10-30g
3. Applicable Bag Size: L750-1050, W450-580
4. Packing Speed: 120-180 bag/h
(Packing speed varies with material characteristics)

Elinpack automatic heavy bag bottom filling packaging machine ABP-580, the whole machine has a scientific design and takes up little space. The hopper of the filling machine adopts the innovative structure of main bin + auxiliary bin to ensure the stability of the main bin materials. The top surface of the bagging machine is a cleaning operation table, which is safe and practical. Open, visual design allows operators or maintenance personnel to reach any work area. The wiring of distribution cabinets is standardized and easy to maintain. All parts and equipment installation follow GMP regulations and EU EHEDG guidelines, with high quality and stable performance.

Elinpack is committed to the R&D and innovation of overall solutions for powder system engineering. Elinpack's equipment can accurately control the filling weight, packaging accuracy, and packaging speed of powder packaging, ensuring that each packaging can achieve a perfect sealing effect. Customers only need to choose the appropriate packaging materials, and then they can realize the customized packaging of food, medicine and chemical industry according to their needs.

With leading technical standards, Elinpack's powder packaging machine has won the favor of many food, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Elinpack helps customers solve the pain points and difficulties of powder packaging, helps customers create and maintain competitive advantages, and improves customer performance.

It is believed that with the continuous innovation of Elinpack powder packaging machine, more food, pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises will benefit. Elinpack looks forward to cooperating with more domestic and foreign enterprises, taking the road of sustainable development and creating more possibilities together.