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Rigid Container Packing Solution


Rigid Container Packing Solution

Dec Mon,2021
Rigid Container Packing Solution

Development status of rigid packing

What problems will manual packing face? The packing efficiency is low. For example, it can only pack more than a dozen pieces of sugar per minute by hand. The packing specifications are not uniform, and workers cannot guarantee the quality of the finished product. The risk factor is high. For example, manual packaging of bulky and heavy products consumes energy and is unsafe. Due to the high frequency and monotonous movements for light and small products, workers are likely to get occupational diseases.

Nowadays, the market is mainly affected by plastics, which are the materials manufacturers prefer to use for packing. The reason is that the use of plastic ensures the durability of the packing while retaining the product's important mineral, nutrient, and chemical properties. Today, more than 45% of the packing market is plastic packing. Long-term exposure to plastic products will adversely affect the health of workers and may even be at risk of cancer. Automated packing machines have emerged to solve the various problems enterprises face in production and avoid potential risks.


The dilemma faced by rigid packing manufacturers

1. Filling with large dust
2. Poor filling accuracy and slow speed
3. Poor hygiene


Common application

Rigid packing is widely used in various industries to promote the convenience of product production and improve the production efficiency of enterprises. The key drivers driving the growth of this type of packing are the needs of the food and beverage, healthcare, and personal care industries. It is estimated that from 2018 to 2023, the global rigid packing market will have a compound annual growth rate of 4.9%, covering the rigid packing forms of bulk materials in the food, beverage, industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

What are the common rigid packing?
Metal cans, Plastic bottles, Paper cups, Glass jars and other round, square and abnormity rigid containers.

DCF-200 Double-Cup Granule Filling Machine


Advantage of elinpack packing machines

1. Stable, high quality, hygienic design
2. Flexible and efficient, modular design, one-key switch
3. Long service life, high MTBF
4. Safe design, low energy consumption 

Which machines do elinpack offer

TPF-100H Triplex-Hopper Automatic Filling Machine

TPF-100H Triplex-Hopper Automatic Filling Machine
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DPF-200 Double-Hopper Powder Filling Machine

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Supportable filling solution recommendation

Automatic Bagging Machines
Can’s unscrambler + Rigid container powder filler + Cans/bottler sealing and capping machine + Coding machine + Labeling machine + Carton sealing machine + Palletizing system
Semi-automatic Bagging Machines
Need to put the jar manually, the common machines: SAF-300(0.1-100g), SAF-350(1-500g), SAF-450(10-2000g).