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Rigid Container Filling Series


Rigid Container Filling Series

Sep Tue,2020
Rigid Container Filling Series
There are many different types of rigid container fillers. And Elinpack’s rigid container filling series is very popular. Next, we will introduce one type of rigid container filling machines and their respective functions.

The first one is SPF-150. SPF-150 is equipped with automatic conveyor, rigid container descrambler, capping and labeling machine, etc. Filling weight reaches 10g-5Kg and container size reaches Φ30mm-Φ200mm It is suitable for round, square and special-shaped rigid containers, with functions of vibration, weight feedback, over-standard, counting and dust removal. 

This equipment uses the impact method of Auger and load cell feedback, the production speed reaches 25 to 45 cans per minute, and it also has very high accuracy. The use of mechanical packaging products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, meet the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene.

The use of this machine can improve production efficiency, provide better and better services for enterprises, and can also save costs and increase profits for enterprises.