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Principles and highlights of can filling machine


Principles and highlights of can filling machine

Aug Wed,2021
Principles and highlights of can filling machine
1. The relationship between the filling axis and the transmission spindle is an electronic cam. The synchronous following distance is determined according to the volume of the filling (the displacement of the piston shaft when the total liquid is pushed out). This advantage can achieve good filling and filling. The shaft immediately returns at high speed to welcome the arrival of the next empty bottle, shortening the time; at the same time, each filling shaft can be filled with different volumes of liquid for fine adjustment, and the parameters are simple.
2. The piston shaft uses multi-speed control, in order to realize the drip-proof and splash-proof functions for the equipment to be easy to grasp the finishing when filling the liquid under the high-speed operation.
Program advantages and highlights:

1. Precise judgment and intelligent selection of filling liquid;

2. Synchronous follow, fine adjustment of filling volume, multi-stage speed control of tank liquid, abnormal non-filling, bottle filling with different specifications, multi-level formula selection;

3. Recipe preservation, reducing repetitive labor, simple and easy to use;

4. The volume of the filling liquid is adjustable, and it can be returned after filling, saving time.
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