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Precautions for the use of automatic bagging machines and their maintenance methods


Precautions for the use of automatic bagging machines and their maintenance methods

Dec Mon,2021
Precautions for the use of automatic bagging machines and their maintenance methods
1. The operator of the equipment should not operate the machine after drinking or taking medicine to avoid danger;
2. The equipment should be placed on a flat and hard ground. Before starting, carefully check whether the fastening parts of the machine are loose, falling off or damaged due to collision during transportation;
3. Take out the special tool bag delivered in the mixing barrel of the bagging machine, and carefully check whether the tools are missing in the barrel;
4. The power cord of the equipment must be connected to a leakage protector and be safely grounded, and check whether the wire diameter of the power cord reaches the standard of 2.5m or more;
5. Check whether the model of the bacterial bag to be put into use is correct, and whether the length is consistent with the model.

Maintenance method:
1. Strictly control the mixing ratio of the culture materials, and avoid coarse stones and wood blocks in the materials. The raw materials used should be sieved if possible, to avoid the mixing of moldy and agglomerated raw materials and lumps, rods, iron wires and other items, which may cause traffic jams, jams and other faults.
2. It is strictly forbidden to increase the height of the unloading mixing tank to cause overload operation. Do not put your hands into the mixing barrel when adding materials, and pay attention to tools, etc., not to get involved, so as to avoid danger.
3. It is strictly forbidden to inspect and repair the machine when the motor or power supply is turned on to avoid electric shock or injury.
4. During work and production, lubricating oil should be added to the stamping main and auxiliary shafts and wrist support shafts at regular intervals, and other mechanical parts should be refueled on a regular basis.
5. Before starting the machine every day, carefully check whether the mechanical fasteners and other parts are fastened, normal, and in a standby state.
6. After the work is completed, the bagging machine should be opened in the positioning state, the main power supply should be cut off, the culture material inside and outside the equipment should be cleaned, and the electric control door should be locked.

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