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Powder packaging machine case sharing


Powder packaging machine case sharing

Aug Sat,2023
Powder packaging machine case sharing
Junlebao Dairy is a well-known dairy processing enterprise in China. Its milk powder, yogurt, milk, cheese and other products are very popular among consumers.

How to maximize the packaging speed, measurement accuracy and measurement range of the powder packaging machine, and improve production efficiency and product quality are issues that Junlebao is very concerned about.

Junlebao Dairy purchased Elinpack's automatic heavy bag bottom filling packaging machine ABP-580 and semi-automatic large bag packaging machine WAF-1050B, achieving a daily production capacity of 11,000 bags (about 270 tons), which greatly improved production efficiency and production quality.

Automatic heavy bag bottom-up packing machine ABP-580

Technical Parameters: 
1. Filling weight: 10-25Kg
2. Packaging accuracy: ±10-30g
3. Applicable bag size: L750-1050, W450-580
4. Packing speed: 120-180 packs/h
(Packing speed varies with material characteristics)

ABP-580 is a fully automatic heavy-bag bottom-filling packaging machine specially used for fine powder launched by ElinPack. It adopts high-position and large-capacity bag storage with a capacity of up to 300 bags to achieve high-speed packaging; it adopts easy-to-disassemble filling Machine design to achieve fast cleaning; dust-proof entrainer not only ensures weighing accuracy, but also realizes dust-proof and waterproof; micro-porous filter rods are used to achieve plug-in degassing; easy-to-tear hot-melt adhesive strips are used to seal to avoid thread pollution and Unpacking is time-consuming and labor-intensive; it adopts a large-screen man-machine operation guide, one-key switching, stable and efficient; it adopts an integrated design of wires and air pipes, which is stable, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Semi-automatic big bag packing machine WAF-1050B

Technical Parameters: 
1. Dosing range: 10-50Kg
2. Packing speed: 2-4 packs/min
3. Metering accuracy: ±10-30g
(Packing speed varies with material characteristics)

WAF-1050B is a semi-automatic heavy bag packaging machine launched by Elinpack. It is compact in design and takes up little space; it is controlled by PLC and adopts international brand electrical components and weighing sensors to ensure accuracy, stability and reliability; it adopts frequency conversion to control twin-screw filling, and the speed Fast, high precision; waterproof grade up to IP55, meeting the washing requirements of food workshops; materials can be quickly disassembled, contact parts cleaned, no dead corners, safe and efficient, in line with the industry's high hygiene standards.

Elinpack looks forward to cooperating with more domestic and foreign enterprises, taking the road of sustainable development and creating more possibilities together!