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Open Mouth Bagger

Dec Mon,2021
Open Mouth Bagger

Without packing machine, what will happen?

Low production efficiency. 
According to the current food production factories and the actual production situation of some of our customers, when 25kg powder packing is carried out without equipment, 2-3 employees are needed at the packing station, and the fastest efficiency is about 1-2 bags per minute.

Poor working environment . 
When powder is packed, the powder is easy to fly in the air when the equipment is not used or without dust collecting system, so it will lead to powder everywhere in the production workshop

Low Safety Factor
Because there is no equipment, more labor is needed. Then, it is easy to affect food safety due to external bacteria carried by employees during production.

Common application

The increasing use of Bag Filling machines in the Feed Industry, Chemical Industry, Food & Beverage, and other industries are driving the growth of the Bag Filling Machines market across the globe. According to the report, the market share of open mouth bagger will increase by 200% in 2028.


Common open mouth bagger specifications include 10kg-50kg, 100kg-1000kg. According to the different packing weight, the big bags used are also different. 10-50kg commonly used packing bag materials include PE bags, woven bags, kraft paper bags, composite film bags, PE+ kraft paper bags and new environmental protection bags. The commonly used material for bags packed in 100kg-1000kg ton bags is PP woven bag.

As the global Bag Filling machines manufacturer, elinpack open-mouth bagger is an advanced, rapid and versatile design for bagging powdered or granular materials into several kinds of open-mouth bags, including paper bags, poly woven bags, polyethylene bags, etc. Our packing equipment are widely applied in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and so on.

Advantage of elinpack packing machines

1. Stable, high quality, hygienic design
2. Flexible and efficient, modular design, one-key switch
3. Long service life, high MTBF
4. Safe design, low energy consumption 

Which machines do elinpack offer


Automatic Bagging Machines

ABP-580 automatic heavy bag packing system which suitable for 10-25kg bag packer.
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WAF-1050B Weighing Type Big Bag Packer

Semi-automatic Bagging Machines

SAF-450W(1-10Kg)/SAF-550W(1-25KG)/SAF-550W2(1-25kg)/WAF-1050B/WAF-1050C (5-50KG)
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Supportable filling solution recommendation

Automatic Bagging Machines

Auto bagging machines (Bag feeder, Filling machine and Sewing and sealing machine) + bag pusher + bag flattener + weight checker + Metal detector + Labeling machine + Palletizing system
Semi-automatic Bagging Machines
Semi-automatic bagging machines(SAF-450W / SAF-550W / SAF-550W2 / WAF-1050B / WAF-1050C)+ bag pusher + bag flattener + weight checker + Metal detector + Labeling machine

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