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Matters needing attention when packing machine operation


Matters needing attention when packing machine operation

Jun Wed,2021
Matters needing attention when packing machine operation
packing machine start-up sequence: dust collector, vibrating screen, hoist, ash reaming knife, air conveying chute, silo bottom homogenization facility, cement automatic loading system, and packaging machine

packing machine maintenance and lubrication: The oil quality and oil quantity in the reducer must be carefully checked before driving. If the oil deteriorates, replace it immediately, and the oil should be within the range of the oil standard. Check whether the foot of the reducer motor is loose and falling off, all transmission parts are free of obstacles or whether someone is doing other work. Check whether the MCU is in good condition. Check whether the scale and sensor are accurate. Check the temperature of the motor and reducer carefully, and listen for any abnormal noise. Whether there is any material under the belt drum, remove it if there is, so as not to ring the belt from deviation. Clean each shift of the equipment jurisdiction. Achieve no greasy dirt, no dust, no looseness. Always check whether the dust collector is running well. Reduce dust shaking. Fill the gearbox with 40# oil. Calcium base is added to the bearings, supporting rollers, and package droppers.

Safety precautions that need to be paid attention to when using the packing machine:

The trousers must cover the mouth of the shoe to prevent the hot cement from rushing into the shoe and scalding the foot. Packaging after drinking is strictly prohibited. Slippers, shorts, and vest packaging are strictly prohibited. During operation, personnel are not allowed to enter the machine to clean the dust and check the bag. Pull the gate to clean the dust and check the bag in the machine. When the belt is stopped, a single person will not go to the packing table to process the card package on the belt. The processing of the card package must be supervised. Stop to empty the cutter, dust hopper, and packing warehouse. Shi strictly abides by operating procedures and abides by labor discipline. The posts must be clean, tools and utensils must be neatly stacked, and the lighting must be complete and bright.