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Looking for a High Quality Filling Machine


Looking for a High Quality Filling Machine

Dec Tue,2021
Looking for a High Quality Filling Machine
Filling machines have become important for packaging materials such as powder, beverage, liquid, paste, and others in today's era. Most industries, including food, oil, and pharmaceutical, use filling machines. These fillers are great, seeing that they increase efficiency. This saves time by reducing manual labor. In addition, fillers are consistent and reliable in their filling, whether volume, weight, or level.

What is a filling machine?

A filling machine is a packaging machine measuring a product's mass, volume, or level in a container. They are used to fill pouches or bottles depending on the product type. According to the filling principle, the filling machine can be divided into powder filling machine, liquid filling machine, sauce filling machine, oil filling machine, and vacuum filling machine.

Are you looking for a high quality filling machine?

The type of machine you choose determines the packaging efficiency process. While many platforms sell the machines, it can be difficult to find a reliable one. elinpack provides high quality filling machines. It has specialized for over 20 years in manufacturing systems for conveying, mixing, storing, packing, and palletizing.

Types of elinpack filling machine

elinpack has a wide range of filling machines, including auger fillers, flow fillers, tablet fillers, vibratory weight fillers, and tube fillers. Other systems are rigid container filler, open-mouth bagger, small bag packer, and auger conveyor. There are various types of fillers used in the packaging sector. This includes:

elinpack auger filler

Auger Fillers

Auger fillers, the basic product of elinpack, feature a cone-shaped hopper that holds the mixture then puts it in a container with an auger conveyor. They are used to fill containers with materials such as granular, powdery, and semi-solid. Additionally, the auger filler is matched perfectly with VFFS packer, Doybag packer, Horizontal packer working together to form an automatic bagging system.

big bag packaging machine

Open-mouth Bagger

Our Big Bag Packer is an advanced, rapid and multifunctional designed for bagging powdered or granular materials into several kinds of open-mouth bags, including paper bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene bags, etc. It's suitable for powders and fine granular products dispensing. Such as milk powder, flavors and fragrances, additives, feed additives and chemical raw materials etc.


Auger Conveyor

elinpack auger conveyor can convey food in a closed channel made of food-grade stainless steel and features neither leakage nor pollution to food products. The discharge height and hopper shape can be customized according to customers' demands.

rigid container filler

Rigid Container Filler

If your product container is a can, then you can choose our rigid container filler. elinpack rigid container filler is suitable for automatically feeding rigid and flexible containers such as metal cans, plastic cups, and glass jars with all kinds of powder products. Build with vibration, weighing feedback, unqualified result reject. Degas function is also available.

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Do you need help finding your packaging machine?

It's easy to find your preferred packaging machine on the company's website. elinpack offers users a detailed screening list of fillers machines to easily find the one you need. That being said, you can find a machine by using categorized information, including the type of container, equipment type, target fill speed, target fill size, and target accuracy.


Most products in the industry have to be packaged before leaving the industry. Packaging is not only used to make the product look appealing to customers. Filling machines helps to package accurately because each container needs the correct quantity of product. You can get various types of fillers to fill any product. elinpack got you covered when it comes to finding the ideal packaging machine.