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Food Packaging Machine in India


Food Packaging Machine in India

Jun Wed,2021
Food Packaging Machine in India
Packaging is one of the essential parts of a business. It makes a product look attractive hence promotes sales. For this reason, a business needs a good packing machine to improve efficiency, reduce labor and provide quality working conditions.
Fillers or filling machines are designed for packaging mainly beverages, food, or other products.  They fill pouch or bottle. Food products range from liquids to frozen, solid to semi-solids, less viscous to highly viscous.  Therefore, the type of filling machine depends on the product.
Elinpack packing machine

Basic of auger filler

Auger is a common filling machine. It is used to fill dry products such as sugar and flour. The filler features a cone-shaped hopper that the mix. Thereafter, it directs it in the pouch by an auger conveyer operated by an agitator. The product is then filled in a pouch made of poly or paper and sealed using dies and heaters.
Fillers use check weigher to determine overweight and underweight products. This ensures that the packagers deliver label weight to their customers.  The operator is set to reject or accept while the packages are transferred across the weigher. As the check weigher monitors and detects a wrong density from the filler, it sends signals to filler which changes the revolutions. Thereafter, it adjusts to an acceptable weight. The feedback works well when the filler is installed properly with the right tools.

Top 3 reasons economic machines matter

There are vital reasons to choose economical equipment. Regardless of different preferences, they are the best options when you are starting. Here are things to consider:
● Versatile
Productions grow when there are flexible machines. Economical machines are not only affordable but also improve work efficiency. They can switch fast to different work. Furthermore, they occupy less space hence ideal for a limited warehouse.
● Saves money
You may think large machines are necessary to fill products, but that's not it.  Small companies that are starting can still carry out effective work with small equipment.  These machines will suit your needs and save money.
● Requires less maintenance
A small equipment is easier to maintain compared to larger one.  This is because the smaller parts are easy to clean. Also, you can easily reach, fix or replace the small parts. Lastly, you don't need a big team to maintain it. Less maintenance means save more!

Why choose elinpack to custom food packaging machine

elinpack is a packaging machinery factory founded in January 2020 in Shanghai then moved to Zhongshan city, China.  It has 80 employees and occupies an area of 8000square meters. The company specializes in a manufacture manufacturing systems with unique design, sales, after-service, packing, quality control, palletizing, conveying, storing, mixing small particles and powder.

elinpack offers:

● Safe packaging equipement
The factory guarantees safety by using equipment that is mainly used in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industry.
● The talented and hardworking staff
The staff work as a team at any time. Additionally, they make quality products to meet customer's choices.
● Good customer support
elinpack provides you round-the-clock support from Monday to Friday, starting from 8.00 am to 18.00 pm. We offer many ways to reach our customer support in case of queries, inquiries, or comments. You can reach out to our phone operator Alex at +86-760-89877898. Alex will connect you to the best person when you need any help. If you prefer email, reach us via