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elinpack's new bag tipping station helps production automation systems


elinpack's new bag tipping station helps production automation systems

Sep Sat,2023
elinpack's new bag tipping station helps production automation systems
Bag tipping station is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It can manually feed and pre-screen dry powder and granular materials such as food additives, flour and industrial pigments.

The new bag tipping station BUD-1100D developed and produced by elinpack is equipped with a 2.2KW integrated dedicated dust collector. Compared with the ordinary new bag tipping station BUD-1100, there is no need to purchase an additional dust collector, saving space, labor, maintenance and time costs. , suitable for unpacking, placing, screening and unloading of various fine powders.

BUD-1100D New Bag Tipping Station +Vibration Sifer
Technical Parameters:
1. Size: 1550L*1700W*2100Hmm (2100mm is the height required for the unpacking table to be opened)
2. Unpacking Table Height: 850mm
3. Unpacking Table Width: 1100mm
4. Main Material: 304 stainless steel

Open photo of unpacking table

Bag Tipping Station Features:
1. Hygienic design, the equipment bracket adopts open channel steel splicing, no dead corners, no hollow bodies, easy to clean;
2. The unpacking table is made of 10mm stainless steel plate, which is simple and hygienic;
3. Equipped with stainless steel mobile casters, which have good wear resistance, reduce friction on the ground and achieve silent operation;
4. Equipment and parts comply with EU 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive;
5. All parts and equipment are installed in compliance with GMP specifications and EU EHEDG guidelines.

Safety Net+Vibration Sifer Photos
Screen materials, intercept large materials and foreign objects, and ensure that materials that meet the requirements are discharged.

Vibrating Screen Technical Parameters:
1. Model: Φ1200
2. Effective Diameter of screen: 1120mm
3. Mesh Specifications: 1 layer (number of mesh to be determined)
4. Vibrating Screen Output: Varies due to screen mesh size and material characteristics (the following is flour test data)

5. Power: 0.75KW
6. Voltage: 3-phase 380V 50Hz
7. Discharge Port: Φ133mm

Vibration Sifer Features:
1. Side discharge port: The discharge port is located on the outer extension of the Vibration Sifer. It is different from the traditional Vibration Sifer central discharge port, enabling quick disassembly, assembly and cleaning of the soft connection.

Integrated special dust collector
Dust Collector Function:
Prevent material dust from flying everywhere and spreading outward during the unpacking and feeding process.
1. Main Material: 304 stainless steel
2. Partial Material: aluminum alloy (non-material contact parts)

Dust Collector Features:
1. Safety design, equipped with gas spring and fault protection lock, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and cleaning;
2. Sanitary design, no sanitary dead corners, and quick disassembly;
3. The original three-sided surrounding dust removal hole + in-station dust removal design is different from traditional equipment that only supports dust removal in the warehouse. The dust removal effect is stronger, which can effectively prevent dust from spreading outward and reduce material loss;
4. Venetian curtain type air shut-off valve design to prevent dust from overflowing;
5. Compact design, the whole machine is scientifically designed and takes up less space;
6. Convenient cleaning structure, only one person can complete the design cleaning and replacement;
7. The core components and processes are selected from world-class brands and have a long service life;
8. The equipment wires and air pipes are reliably fixed, and the distribution box wiring is standardized and easy to maintain.

Dust Removal Fan Technical Parameters:
1. Power: 2.2KW
2. Rated Flow: 2100m³/h
3. Rated Wind Pressure: 2.8Kpa
4. Effective Wind Pressure: 2.4Kpa

Filter Element:
1. Materials imported from Germany
2. Filter area is about 3.5m²

BUD-1100D New Bag Tipping Station+Vibration Sifer used together with Auger Conveyor EAC-3-114 photos

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