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[elinpack Exhibition review] 2023 Shanghai FIC successfully concluded, looking forward to the next exhibition we will be there or not!


[elinpack Exhibition review] 2023 Shanghai FIC successfully concluded, looking forward to the next exhibition we will be there or not!

Mar Tue,2023
[elinpack Exhibition review] 2023 Shanghai FIC successfully concluded, looking forward to the next exhibition we will be there or not!
March 15-17, 2023, three days FIC twenty-sixth China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition in Shanghai - the National Convention and Exhibition Center ended successfully!

Looking back on the scene, it seems that the bank is still lively, the crowd mountain.

Exhibition highlights

As a family focused on Powder packaging engineering and material automation engineeringThe company of elinpack Company With a series of main products debutin 2.1 Hall, 21V20/21W21 boothBy virtue of excellencePowder packaging solutionsIt has been favored and appreciated by many exhibitors!


On the exhibition, the sales and R&D team of Zhongshan elipack demonstrated their professional advantages, adhering to the core concept of "elipack · Crafters make first-class powder packaging engineering", to provide customers with professional packaging solutions!

Zhongshan elipack from the preparation of the exhibition to the end of the exhibition, infiltration of every detail, have poured into our boundless love and pursuit of powder packaging cause, but also made many new friends.

FIC exhibition will be the end of our new start, hand in hand, non-stop.


Exhibition product display



*Stable, high quality, hygienic design
*Flexible and efficient, one-key switching
*Long life, high MTBF
*Safe design, low energy consumption
*Low total cost of ownership (TCO), the price is 1/3 of international similar products




1. Measurement range :10-50Kg

2. Packaging speed: 2.5-4 packs/min

3. Measurement accuracy :±10-30g

(Depending on the characteristics and filling speed of the filled material)


Range of measurement:0.1 to 10 kg

Packing speed:0.1-2kg 25-35 bags/min

Measurement accuracy:±0.3-1% (varies depending on the characteristics of the filling)

Packing speed:≤10kg 3-6 bags/min

Packaging accuracy:±2-15g (depending on screw size and material characteristics)


BUD-1100D feeding station

Capacity of equipment:

Dust removal air rate:
After 2100 m/h



Screen area:0.3 m squared

Power supply and power:1.5KW+1.1 KW

Screw feed reduction motor:SEW

Rotary motor:ABB

Material:304 stainless steel

Weight of the machine:250Kg

(Note: Easy to disassemble type, with safety detection switch)


Dusting machine

The whole machine explosion-proof 21 zone

Power: 4KW

Maximum flow:35 m³/min

Wind pressure:3.5 Kpa

Noise:<80 dB

Motor protection grade:IP65

Actual measured value of wind speed:10.7 m/s

Come down to the past outlook new chapter

Through the FIC exhibition, Zhongshan elinpack with a series of main products on display, with many new and old customers to meet and exchange, showing the Zhongshan elinpack packaging equipment professional style.

We continue to improve our products and technology, for customers to create better quality, more professional, more cost-effective packaging solutions, crafting first-class powder packaging engineering is our constant pursuit.

This exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you to all the customers who came to Zhongshan elinpack booth and all the readers who have been paying attention to our trends.elinpack Will continue to strive forward, to provide customers with the best quality products and services. Looking forward to seeing you next time!