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Do you really know anything about best packing machine and Tank mounting machine ? Here's a primer for you


Do you really know anything about best packing machine and Tank mounting machine ? Here's a primer for you

Dec Wed,2022
Do you really know anything about best packing machine and Tank mounting machine ? Here's a primer for you

Packaging machinery has the functions of beautifying the appearance of products, extending the shelf life of products, improving production efficiency and so on. There are many kinds of packaging machinery, including packaging machine, canning machine, sealing machine, coding machine, labeling machine, etc. Today, we will specifically talk about the packaging machine and canning machine.

best packing machine

First of all, let's understand the characteristics of packaging machinery and equipment.

Packaging machinery and equipment characteristics



Characteristics of packaging machinery and equipment


The characteristics of packaging machinery and equipment are shown in the following aspects:


First, the technical content of packaging machinery is increasing.


elinpack was founded in 2010, dedicated to powder packaging business, broke the monopoly of high-end equipment in the industry by developed countries (Germany, Italy and the United States), and was the first company in China to fully compete with international brands in the high-end market. And successfully entered the high-end market (Angie, Junlebao, Unilever, Nestle, Lesaffre, Roquette, International Spices, Lee Kum Kee, Lanxess, DSM, etc.).


elinpack's corporate honors in recent years:

National high-tech enterprises

IS09001 Quality Management system

ISO14001 Environmental Management System

ISO18001 Occupational health and safety management system

SGS - SMETA audit

Eight types of equipment obtained the explosion-proof evaluation report of TUV

Nine invention patents

More than 30 practical patents

CE Certificate, etc.


Second, specialized production of packaging machinery parts:


The main configuration of Yilin packaging machine are from well-known brands at home and abroad, Siemens PLC+ touch screen, SEW motor, Siemens private service motor, SMC cylinder, Fisto cylinder......

Third, the packaging machine generally adopts no variable speed device, in order to flexibly adjust the packaging speed, the production capacity of the packaging machine, while ensuring that the motor power of the packaging machine is small.


Fourth, there are special requirements for the working environment.

What are the filling machines?



Filling machine

Metering and filling equipment, automatic particle packing machine, powder quantitative packing machine

Filling machine, that is, a machine that loads precise quantities of packaging into various containers. Metering and filling is an important process of product packaging.

best packing machine

Common filling machinery: volumetric filling machinery, fixed measuring cup filling machine, screw filling machine, metering pump filling machine, weighing type filling machine, counting filling machine, length counting machine, volume counting machine, accumulation counting machine, plunger filling machine.


elinpack ABP-580 automatic heavy bag bottom filling packing machine is popular with customers at home and abroad.


1. Measurement range: 10-25Kg

2. Measurement accuracy: ±10-30g

3. Package size: L750-1050, W450-580

4. Packing speed:

120-180bag/h (ABP-580, 1 filling)

210-300bag/h (ABP-580-2, 2 packs)

Note: Packing speed varies with material characteristics

What are the canning machines?



Machinery for canning

In modern packaging industry, liquid canning equipment is "canning a seal", "cleaning a canning - seal" and other multi-functional equipment.

1. Composition of canning machinery


There are many types of canning machine, but its structure is mainly composed of three parts: the supply device of packing container and canning material, the bottle supply part of canning machine and the canning valve.

2. Classification of canning machinery


1) According to the canning principle of the canning valve, it is classified into isobaric canning machines, negative pressure canning machines, pressure canning machines and atmospheric canning machines

2) According to the arrangement form of canning valve, it is classified as linear canning machine and rotary canning machine

3) According to the packaging container classification: glass container installation, polyester container installation, metal can installation, composite paper packaging can installation

elinpack's TPH-100H three-head powder tank installed machine is very good, good quality, very high cost performance ~

1. Measurement method: screw measurement and weighing feedback

2. Measurement range: ≤500g

3. Measurement accuracy: ± 0.3-1% (depending on the characteristics of the filled material)

4. Filling speed: ≤110 cans/min (depending on the characteristics and filling amount of the filled material)