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Different types of automatic filling machine

Jun 30 2020

Powder automatic filling machine
The design of the powder filling machine adopts screw feeding and light control technology to ensure high filling accuracy and zero-drop operation. This type of filling machine is suitable for filling free-flowing and non-free-flowing powder or granular products. Free flow simply refers to a powdered product that cannot maintain its shape even with additional pressure. Conversely, non-free flowing products can be compressed and retain their shape.

Application: The powder filling machine is usually used to pour additives, starch, feed, condiments and pesticides into different types of packaging. Therefore, they are very common in the food and beverage, cosmetics and chemical industries. 

Vibration weighing filling machine
This type of filling machine is designed with multiple vibrating disks to carefully distribute the product into weighing barrels. Once the required weight is reached, the bucket will pour the product into the container.

Application: Vibratory weighing filling machines are commonly used in the controlled dispensing of products that are not suitable for traditional powder filling machines. The ability to fill dry particulate matter that requires precise weighing makes it extremely important in the industrial and chemical industries.

Capsule filling machine
This type of filling machine does not fill containers by weight, but relies on pouring material by parts or quantity.
Application: Therefore, capsule filling machines are usually used for pharmaceutical purposes, because drugs are vital to people's health. They can accurately count soft and hard gelatin capsules, tablets, coated tablets and pills. 

Volumetric pump filling machine
This special type of filling machine is designed with a volumetric pump head, which can easily handle a variety of substances.
Application: Mainly used to fill high viscosity liquids, such as gels, creams and lotions. However, it can also be poured into thin and heavy paste products. These include shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, beauty cream, honey, thick seasoning, paste cleanser and car wax.

Filling machines are usually used to package food and beverage products, but can also be used in other industries.