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Auger filling machine should be maintained in cold winter


Auger filling machine should be maintained in cold winter

Mar Mon,2021
Auger filling machine should be maintained in cold winter
  We should all know that winter has different effects on many equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the auger filling machine, the equipment should be maintained in time after use. Well-maintained equipment is more durable than unmaintained equipment, so that the output of the auger filling machine will not be affected by damage.

       Because people's demand for beverages is generally higher. In cold weather, you should check whether the machine has accumulated water and icing, causing the switch to fail, whether the lubricating oil bears enough low temperature, and whether the filling head is frozen or blocked. If you encounter this situation, the simple and convenient method is to use warm water to soak. Remember not to use water with too high temperature to avoid damage to the components. The working frequency of the auger filling machine can also adopt the rhythm from slow to fast, and do some pre-heating.

   Then carefully check before use to see if the auger filling machine is operating normally, check if the material meets the requirements, and start the machine after everything is normal. When using, try to put it in a relatively closed place with a suitable temperature. If any material overflows, clean it up in time. When adjusting the equipment, the power supply should be cut off in time, and the parts of the equipment after adjustment should be strictly inspected to ensure normal operation. After use, check the machine and the residual materials on the machine should be processed and cleaned in time.

   Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of the auger filling machine in winter, it is necessary to take maintenance measures to ensure the normal use of the equipment to prevent accidents.