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About the maintenance of automatic bagging machine


About the maintenance of automatic bagging machine

Feb Mon,2022
About the maintenance of automatic bagging machine
1. The equipment operator should not operate the machine after drinking or taking medicine to avoid danger.

2. The equipment should be placed on a flat and hard ground. Before starting, carefully check whether the fastening parts of the machine are loose, fall off or damaged due to collision during transportation.

3. Take out the special tool bag distributed in the mixing barrel of the bagging machine, and carefully check whether the tools are missing in the barrel.

4. The power cord of the equipment must be connected to a leakage protector and grounded safely, and check whether the wire diameter of the power cord is above the standard of 2.5m2.

5. Check whether the model of the bacteria bag to be put into use is correct, and whether the length is consistent with the model.

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