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Packing machine manufacturers | How to classify packing machinery?


Packing machine manufacturers | How to classify packing machinery?

Nov Tue,2022
Packing machine manufacturers | How to classify packing machinery?
Packaging is used in the process of circulation to protect the product, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, according to certain technical methods of containers, materials and AIDS. There are many kinds of packaging machinery, do you understand clearly? The following is a brief introduction by Xiaobian for you.

(Packing machine manufacturers)

Packaging machinery can be divided into pre-packaging machinery, in-packaging machinery and post-packaging machinery, and in terms of functions and packaging materials, it can be divided into a variety of specific types of machinery:

1. Carton processing machinery: tile line, vertical and horizontal cutting machine, paper receiving machine, paste machine, glue machine, dryer, crosscutting machine, slitting machine, die cutting machine, paper mounting machine, nail box machine, printing press, corrugated roller, mesh roller, tool, rubber pad

2. Soft bag processing machinery: film blowing machine, casting machine, coating machine, composite machine, vertical filling and packing machine, horizontal filling and packing machine

3. Color box processing machinery: color box die cutting machine, box paste machine, binding machine, paper cutting machine, glazing machine, bronzing machine, laminating machine

4, printing equipment: prototype, prepress, printing press, printing slotting machine

5. Packaging machinery: filling machine, sealing machine, filling and sealing machine, aseptic filling machine, inkjet coding machine, laser coding machine, thermal transfer coding machine, labeling machine, marking machine, sealing and packaging equipment, heat shrink packaging machine, tape sealing machine, packing equipment, packing equipment

(Packing machine manufacturers)

6, other machinery: automatic control, testing equipment

The packing process includes the main processes such as filling, wrapping and sealing, as well as the related processes such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly. In addition, packaging also includes measuring or stamping the package. The use of mechanical packaging products can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of mass production, and meet the requirements of cleanliness. Packaging machinery is classified in a variety of ways. According to the function can be divided into single-function packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine; According to the purpose of use can be divided into inner packing machine and outer packing machine; According to the packaging varieties can be divided into special packaging machine and general packaging machine; According to the level of automation, it can be divided into semi-automata and full automata