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Customer case of automatic heavy bag packaging system


Customer case of automatic heavy bag packaging system

Aug Sat,2023
Customer case of automatic heavy bag packaging system
Honneur is an enterprise that produces animal formula milk powder. For 27 years, Honneur has been committed to the research and development, production and operation of small animal formula milk powder, focusing on the nutrition, feeding and management of young animals, and put forward the concept of intensive feeding and accelerated growth , lead the advanced concept and technology of calf breeding, promote the high-quality development of China's dairy industry, and accelerate the continuous exploration of the modernization of the dairy industry.

In order to produce higher quality animal formula milk powder, Honneur purchased Elinpack's automatic heavy bag bottom-filling packaging line and palletizing system, achieving a daily production capacity of 6,000 packs (about 150 tons) and increasing the production capacity of animal formula milk powder and production safety, promoting the construction of a fully automatic intelligent production system.

The automatic heavy bag packaging system is the top production equipment developed and produced by Elinpack, which includes dust collector, horizontal screw feeder, metal detector, stainless steel platform, storage silo, automatic bottom-up bagger ABP-580, 90 degree bag pusher , bag flattner, metal dectector, weight checker, labeling machine, rejector, finished product belt conveyor, automatic palletizer, the picture above shows the overall solution for powder 25kg packaging and palletizing.

Automatic heavy bag bottom filling packaging machine ABP-580-2
Technical Parameters: 
1. Dosing range: 10-25Kg
2. Packaging accuracy: ±10-30g
3. Applicable bag size: L750-1050, W450-580
4. Packing speed: 210-300 packs/hour
(Packing speed varies with material characteristics)

ABP-580-2 is a fully automatic heavy bag bottom filling packaging machine specially used for fine powder launched by Elinpack. It has five major values: solving the pain points of fine powder packaging, stable and efficient, safe and hygienic, flexible, and low energy consumption.

ABP-580-2 adopts easy-to-disassemble filling machine to realize quick cleaning; adopts dust-proof bag holder to ensure accuracy, waterproof and dust-proof; adopts degassing design, which is convenient for palletizing; adopts easy-tear hot-melt seal, saving time and effort; Large-capacity bag storage with a capacity of >300 pieces; flexible design, one-key switching, stable and efficient; integrated wire design, stable and reliable; core components and devices are selected from international first-class brands, with a long service life; equipment and parts follow EU 2006/42/EC machinery regulations, safe production, stable and reliable.

If you are also confused about powder packaging, please contact us, Elinpack will solve the pain points and difficulties in the packaging process for you, and provide you with a complete set of professional powder packaging solutions!